The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of adjustments and changes into our lives. Things that we weren’t used to doing such as social distancing and being put on lockdown were implemented in order to keep us safe. We are now living in the new normal, a society where not everything is as it once was. Even though the number of cases has slowly declined, and businesses are slowly getting back on their feet, there are still some restrictions and government guidelines to be followed.

One of the guidelines that have been put out by governments is the wearing of masks. Masks have been recommended by the CDC and other health experts to be used by everyone. They are simple barriers that help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the mask either talks, coughs, or sneezes. The rapid spread of the coronavirus forced people to wear masks to be able to protect themselves and not contract any other viruses.

The mandatory wearing of masks has become one thing that most people have implemented into their lives because of the recent pandemic. Nowadays, a lot of citizens consider wearing masks in public places as an essential thing to do, especially since we can’t see the viruses or bacteria in the places we visit. For the foreseeable future, we can conclude that masks will be a requirement and a huge part of our lives in the new normal. This will be one of the steps we take in order for our lives to go back to the way they were or perhaps even better.

One of the places where masks are highly needed is in the workplace. An average male employee in the United Kingdom will spend about 39 hours a week in the workplace while a female employee spends an average of 34.5 hours. This means that there will be plenty of meetings, conversations, and other interactions where viruses can be passed from one person to another. All the more reason for employees to wear masks.

There are different types of face masks out in the market today and their sales have gone up throughout the last few months. Employees that work in the health industry wear N95 masks and other respirators that are designed to be tougher. However, two of the recommended masks for regular employees have been the FFP2 and 3PLY mask. Both of these have their own set of advantages and purposes so let’s learn about them even more.

  • FFP2- An FFP2 mask or “Filtering Face Piece” is a durable respirator that originates from Europe. They are the closest equivalent of the N95 mask in the US and boasts the same standard of quality. Since they are respirators, they are designed to create a facial seal and they provide protection by filtering both inflow and outflow of air. They prevent the user from inhaling any small airborne particles that may be health hazards. An FFP2 mask will also protect the surrounding environment of the person wearing them if it has no exhaling valve. These FFP2 masks have a minimum of 94% filtration percentage and must fit tightly to the face.
  • 3PLY- A 3PLY face mask is a surgical face mask that acts as a barrier against bacteria that may come in the form of liquid droplets. These masks are much looser in terms of how they fit compared to an FFP2 mask. Their filtering capabilities resemble the level of everyday masks, but they are approved for any medical staff or health workers. They are fluid resistant and disposable so you can just throw them out once they are worn. However, just because they are disposable, and much thinner doesn’t mean that they are lower in quality. These masks can also get the job done and protect you from any splashes or droplets of bacteria.

These two masks are great options when it comes to being usable in the workplace. They protect your nose and mouth so you can freely converse and interact with your colleagues without having to worry if you will contract any viruses or bacteria. Overall, wearing a mask will not only benefit us, but also protect those around us. We do not know for sure whether we have the COVID-19 virus or any other diseases, so it is best to stay safe and respect our fellow citizens and employees.

Businesses that require their employees to be wearing a face mask will be doing themselves a huge favor. Their employees will be able to get back to work and help the company improve as well as boost the economy.

Aside from masks, there are other PPE equipment that we must be aware of and it is a great thing that we have access to PPE care kits by PPE Company Care. PPE Company Care is a business dedicated to helping other companies adjust and get back on their feet in the new normal. They have designed these care kits so every employee from a business that orders these will have access to their own PPE at work. So, what comes with every PPE care kit?

Each PPE care kit comes with an FFP2 mask and a 3PLY mask which as we have talked about earlier, are great options when it comes to masks for employees. These care kits also come with disposable gloves since employees need to keep their hands clean when working. They can use these gloves when they are typing out reports on their computer or whenever they are eating in the breakroom. The care kits also have anti-bacterial wipes which are packed with cleaning solutions and can help employees whenever they wipe their hands or their desks. Lastly, the PPE care kits come equipped with a hand sanitizer for employees that may not have enough time or quick access to the bathroom to wash their hands.

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